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We are a leading wholesale supplier of electronic accessories of Computer. We are Specialized in delivering genuine quality computer hardware products. Our catalog includes products like Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Multi-function devices, Monitors

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I Mohit Namdev Mandlik have started “MOHIT COMPUTRS” in 2004 on date. But, history of Mohit is very interesting and ideal to every youngster who wants to start their own business in this big competition world.

I remember when I was in 8th standard. I got interest in computer. I belong to the small but historical town Sangamner. I have completed my school education in Sahyadri highschool. I had decided when i was in 8th std grab different knowledge in computer field.

Uptill 12th std I had been completed many courses such as CIDAC, LOTUS language etc. After 12th I cracked BCS entrance and got admitted in modern college pune. But unfortunately I got failed in 1st year and I still remember I had  backlocks. Due to this my family did not supported me for my finance, so far bread & butter I started part time job in cyber café and become ‘self dependent’.

Parellely I used to attain many of clients on my cycle who had problems in their PC hardware etc. (I use to get RS.100 per visit). In those days I was totally isolated from my family and started earning of my own without taking any money from parents.

I got huge experience of hardware and network due to this stuffs & am very proud to say this. In that same cyber café I used to take tuitions of hardware & networking to  share my experience with my students.

After one and half year I again came back to sangamner and my parents admitted me into sangamner college for further study in BCS. So,  I started my 2nd  year BCS at sangamner college. But here also I didn’t stopped my business. I joined the reputed institute in sangamner owned by P.C. POINT  for 2 years. Here also I got huge knowledge of hardware & networking.

In sangamner college I took all the responsibility of college labs and shared my linux knowledge with jr. students. Due to this day-by-day Mohit name came into discussion of many dignitaries of college and  that of town.

After completion of my BCS I started my own business for years in my house itself. Due to this my contacts with dealers in many side by cities increased. In those days I used to sell the products in much more cheaper rates as compare to other shops.So, I gained reputation and respect from my customers & propagated of my name was done by same customers.

I this two years, I provided the best service to different milk dairy’s for repairing their printers. I was so punctual to my time and work that when dairy used to get open, I used to be present their  for repairing printers. I also repaired many old assembled PC’s in cheaper rates and gave best service to my customers.

So, by this huge experience of market, contacts, number of clients I started “MOHIT COMPUTERS” a self builded landmark for computer service and products. In conclusion I will say, my motto was to provide best service & acquire respect from clients. Because of that I can say that I am self-dependent successful businessmen in Sangamner for hardware & networking field.

Contact : +91-9822740063 +02425-222661| Email ID : mohit@mohitcomputers.com